We help you make more informed buying decisions, improve your contracting process and effectively manage contracts after you sign them.

Did You Know

that among the top 5 cloud service providers…

Oracle Cloud is the only one that promises to notify you of a data breach within 24 hours.

IBM Cloud is the only one that does not require you to indemnify it for any liabilities.

AWS attempts to disclaim all liability resulting from your use of its services. (yes, all liability).

Two reserve the right to withhold your data if they terminate their contracts with you “for cause.”

Google Cloud offers the most generous limitations on your liability.


Make informed buying decisions

- Plain English contract summaries with market comparisons
- Carefully drafted and reviewed by attorneys

Improve your contracting process

- Quickly identify what matters for your business
-  Tips to help you negotiate effectively

Manage the contract after signing

- A playbook to show you what to do when you sign, on an ongoing basis, and upon termination

Our Work

Cloud Service Reports

We have carefully reviewed the principle agreements and policies governing the top five cloud service providers in the United States. Each report is available for $299

For $799 you can license a copy of the full Cloud Industry Report with a much more robust guide to negotiating with your cloud provider.  The full Cloud Industry Report also includes our reports on each of the top five cloud providers.

We're serious about quality, and we stand behind our work.  If you're unhappy with a report, we'll refund you, no questions asked.

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Our Contract Summaries are Best of Market


Thorough reviews

We leverage attorneys with industry experience and advanced technology to conduct our reviews.  Each Report goes through an extensive editorial process to ensure the information provided is accurate, and we always cite to authority.

Faster, Better Results

We work with your contract review team to make sure they have the best information available. Starting a contract review project with our Reports should save your lawyer time and you money, so you can get a faster, better result.


Market Analysis

In every Report, you can expect to learn how most of the major provisions stack up against the vendor’s competitors.  Armed with this information, your contract review team can better help you determine which vendors to ditch, and which terms to negotiate.

For Managers

For Lawyers

We read the fine print so you don't have to.

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